Battalion Studios

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Please remember, you must check-out and pay for a booking for it to be fully confirmed.



Battalion Studios will be reopening on Monday, July 20th!


We will be implementing several precautions to ensure the safety of clients and staff, including:

  • Decreased operating hours:

    • 5-11pm weekdays

    • 12-6pm weekends

  • One group per studio per day:

    • Studios will be sanitized thoroughly overnight

    • All Bookings are 6 hours long with discounted rates

      • $50 SOLO ONLY for studios 4 and 11

      • $85 for studios 2-5-8-9-10

      • $105 for studios 1-3-6-7

  • Social distancing markers on studio floors

  • Masks covering mouth and nose are MANDATORY at ALL TIMES in common areas, but are at your discretion in your studios.

  • Routine disinfection of all bathrooms and common areas

  • Clients are encouraged to bring their own mics:

    • Mics will still be available to be checked out from our desk and sanitized between uses

    • We will have mics for sale for $15 if desired

  • ALL Clients MUST affirm that they have been symptom free with no positive test for the past 14 days.

    • There will be NO CANCELLATION FEES for anyone who feels sick.

  • We will not be allowing any congregating in the common areas. Any breaks must be taken outside. Please do not show up early.